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According to recent studies, mobile phones hold 10 times more bacteria than bathrooms. Eliminate the risk of infection and transmission with 59s. 

Make-up brushes

Oil from skin, along with make up and skin cells make make-up brushes a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to breakouts, congestion and skin irritation. 

Children's toys

Children's toys can harbour harmful bacteria and virus, leading to an increased risk of infection. 


As a beauty salon owner, I already had two of these and loved them, I recently purchased two more.... Fantastic product, great service, would highly recommend. 

Angela, @harvestbeautyclinic

Being a freelance hair stylist, I was looking for something to sterilise on the go. The bag is a great size, easy to use. High recommend. 


The experience I had when I ordered my 59s sterilisation boxes was exceptional...As a sterilisation unit they are compact, quick, easy to use and mess free. Every beauty salon should use them. Clients have been reassured that every instrument used in the beauty treatments has been sterilised to the highest standard.