The Power of UVC Sterilisation

The cleanliness of surfaces, the quality of the water we drink and the purity of the air we breathe, have never been so crucial for our health and well-being. We all carry the risk of contracting and spreading viruses and bacteria, leaving both people and businesses vulnerable. Sterilisation products such as 59s UK can help to minimise the risk of infection transfer and help neutralise the danger posed by harmful viruses, bacteria and germs.


What is UV sterilisation? 

The power of sun light in preventing the reproduction of microorganisms was first discovered by Thomas P. Blount and Arthur Downes in 1877. Today research has shown that this ultra-violet light, can be replicated by LED lights and used as a method of disinfection. However, not all forms of UV light are effective. It can be broken down into three different types, with reducing wavelengths; UVA, UVB and UVC. For UV sterilisation, the most powerful disinfection is achieved through the use of UVC, a short-wave band of ultra-violet light found between 260-280nm, a high enough energy to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria and deactivate viruses. It achieves this by destroying the DNA and RNA of a micro-organism, leaving them unable to replicate. It is therefore considered dead as it cannot replicate and is no longer infectious.


Why 59s UK?

UV sterilisation is quickly replacing traditional liquid sterilisation and mercury sterilisation which will be banned worldwide in 2020. 59s presents people with a highly effective and efficient method that is affordable and consistent. UVC light is used by our products to sterilise surfaces, water and air. As UVC light is not a liquid based method, it does not leave behind a residue like other disinfectants and can therefore be used on any item, including technology such as mobile phones, metals and electrical equipment. The speed with which 59s UK products disinfect, taking as little as 59 seconds, means that they can be used as a more efficient solution for ensuring that equipment and instruments are effectively cleaned.


How can I use 59s UK to protect myself during the pandemic?

Research is still developing around the use of UVC light with Covid-19, but UVC light has been used on coronaviruses in the past to great effect. Indeed, all pathogens tested to date have responded to UVC light and it can therefore form a fundamental part of your protection strategy. As Covid-19 is transmitted through contact and droplet transmission, in addition to washing your hands frequently and social distancing, disinfecting household items such as keys, mobile phones and toys is critical, especially for young children and the elderly. As the UK government makes the wearing of masks compulsory in public, placing your mask inside our products will be important for disinfecting after every use. 59s UK products can also be used to help protect your business by allowing you to keep offices and places of work safe. Our new UVC wand can be used to disinfect surfaces and items such as laptops in between clients and colleagues whilst our bags and boxes, with their light and portable characteristics, are perfect for on the go use or on a desk, anywhere and at any time.