About Us

59s UK is the official UK distributor of 59s, the world's number one producer of UV LED lights. One out of every two UV LED lights in the world is made by 59s and they were the first company to research, develop and produce UVC LED sterilisation products.

Our company vision is to make sterilisation easy, affordable and accessible for all whilst eradicating the risk of viruses and bacterial transmission. Our products eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses using UVC light, without the need for water or other chemicals. UVC light between 260-280nm is the optimum level and fundamentally changes the DNA and RNA of bacteria. This means that they can no longer reproduce and therefore are no longer infectious. 

Our product range is designed to used in the home, at work and whilst travelling. Say goodbye to liquid sterilisation and enter the new age of sterilisation with 59s UK.